Chaotic Channeling is a very rare and special mugic. In fact, it has 8 tunes instead of 7. It teleports the user, and anyone around it, to Chaotic. When used in a drome, it teleports the battlers to the cafe and watching place, where everyone in there can see it live. If you listen very carefully to this mugic, it plays the tune that the Chaotic makes play when something intense is about to happen. When Van Bloot was destroyed with Dranakis Threshold, he was teleported to this mugic. He planned to use it and take over Chaotic, and then eventually the whole world. All four tribes worked together to destroy it, but it was so special, it was indestructible. It was soon put in a weak spot, so one more hit could shatter it. Maxxor quickly got hold of it. Everyone wondered what he was going to do. He took the Great Grand Driller Storm to the center of Perim, where he buried it.

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